October 1, 2015

You might believe that you need to change your oil every 5,000 kilometres. However, have you ever read the manual that came with your car, or looked the information up? In reality, the 5,000 kilometres interval is no longer the standard interval to get an oil change. Some modern cars go a full 8,000 miles before recommending an oil change, with some even going double that, at 16,000. The frequency of an oil change can also depend on your driving style and the usage of your vehicle.

So now that we’ve got our basics down, let’s move onto the main topic. If any of the following points are true for you, you are on a “severe” schedule, and this requires you to get an oil change more frequently than a “normal” schedule.

  • You drive less than 16 kilometres per trip
  • If you are frequently driving in stop-and-go traffic, such as a big city that includes idling
  • The vehicle is a commercial vehicle, such as police or taxi
  • The vehicle is frequently used with a carrier on top or for towing
  • The vehicle is frequently driven in dusty areas, such as on gravel

These are likely to be more along the lines of a 5,000 kilometre oil change. On the other hand, here is the “normal” schedule that exceeds 5,000 kilometres usually.

  • Primarily driven on the highway, at highway speeds
  • Engine was run a minimum of 30 kilometres each day
  • Was not used to tow or transport heavy loads
  • Always driven or operated in a “clean” environment, such as on bitumen and not gravel
  • Crankcase temperature kept at around 94 degrees Celsius

It’s entirely possible to go 20,000 kilometres before an oil change, provided you follow these simple operating parameters, though it’s quite clearly not recommended. If you feel your car is due for an oil change or you want it taken care of as part of a regular car service, the team at Nicholls Auto Centre is here to help.