October 1, 2015

One way or another, whether you have sufficient car know-how or not, you will eventually need the services of a car mechanic. Whenever there is a car problem, these professionals are the ones you can depend on to resolve any automotive-related issues but not all mechanics are created equal.

Here is the advice from the team at Nicholls Auto Centre on what makes a great mechanic and the qualities they must have:

Communication Skills and Customer Service Dedication
Outstanding communication skills, this is something a great mechanic has. They must be able to talk car issues in plain English instead of the complicated technical terminologies that are hard for you to comprehend.

With regards to customer service, they must be able to build good rapport you. Their diagnosis on car problems along with their repair suggestions must be able to put your mind at ease. They must have a solid work ethic, providing honest service all the time and to everyone.

Great Diagnostic Skills
The best way to measure the skills and experience of a mechanic is by their speed and efficiency in identifying various automotive issues.

To become a qualified automotive mechanic in New Zealand your mechanic must have completed an apprenticeship and gained a Level 4 National Certificate in Motor Industry as a Light Vehicle Technician. It is also recommended that you also engage the services of a MTA Member – just like the team here a Nicholls Auto Centre.