October 1, 2015

We’re almost through Winter and that can mean only one thing; Spring is just around the corner! With Spring comes a renewed sense of energy and excitement, and you may want to go on a few wee road trips in the coming months. If that’s the case, then it’s a great idea to take your car to your mechanic and just have him look it over. Even if there’s nothing wrong with your vehicle, it’s always good to have the basics checked over for peace of mind, especially if you have a family traveling with you.

Here are three reasons to pay your mechanic a visit before you hit the roads in the coming months.

Maximum fuel efficiency
The cost of petrol is getting higher every year, and it’s only set to go up. Make sure you get the most out of your tank with a visit to your mechanic. A simple check of your oil filter, fuel pump, tyre pressure and ignition system, to mention just a few, is a great way to get further for your dollar.

Sure, you had a Warrant of Fitness, but that was a while ago now, and your car has been sitting in the cold, the rain and the snow for the last few months. Who knows what shape it’s in under the hood? Your mechanic does, that’s who. Get your vehicle checked out and make sure it’s road-worthy for the summer. Your brakes, camshaft and oil can all slip into dis-repair, making your car a dangerous thing to be in traveling at 100km per hour along a country road.

Save money
It sounds counter-intuitive; how can I save money by spending it? Well, small problems tend to turn into big problems if left unattended. Spending a hundred bucks today might end up saving you thousands down the road. Bring your car to your mechanic for a service and nip any problems in the bud now before they grow into prickly thorns that empty your bank account.