October 1, 2015

As a car owner, you probably already know that the requirements for warrant of fitness inspections have been changed. This periodic inspection is one that is compulsory for all light vehicles and it is important as it makes cars safe to be driven on roads. Cars, vans, station wagons and 4WD vehicles fall under the category of light vehicles. Motorcycles and mopeds are also included in the group.

Requirements for WOF in 2014

To be able to legally drive your vehicle in public, you will need to get a WOF inspection done and maintain its standard in between inspections as well. The number of times that light vehicles are required to get inspected has changed in 2014.

For vehicles that were registered on 1 January 2000 or after are required to go for annual inspections for as long as the vehicle is running. This was started from 1 January of this year.

Starting from 1 July 2014, newly registered cars will get an inspection when purchased and are not required for a warrant of fitness inspection for the next 3 years after its registration. All vehicles that are under 3 years old will be given an inspection that is valid till the third year after its initial registration. It could also be issued a year after the expiry of their WOF.

All vehicles that were registered before 1 January 2000 will be required to get an inspection every 6 months for the rest of the vehicle’s lifetime.

The primary goal of a warrant of fitness inspection is to make sure that all vehicles are safe to be driven on roads and are not a threat to the owners, other drivers and pedestrians. The team at Nicholls Auto is accredited and experienced in WOF inspections – contact us today for an appointment.