October 1, 2015

Getting your vehicle regularly serviced is a must to keep it in top shape and performing at its. Regular vehicle service from Nicholls Auto Centre helps to prolong the life of your car and also helps to preserve its resale value. However, before you take your car for vehicle service, there are a few things that you should do.

No one knows your car better than you so, it’s a great idea to pay some extra attention to your vehicle right before your regular service appointment. Focus on any warning indicators and how the car performs – take note of anything out of the ordinary.

Rather than telling your technician that your car is ‘making a funny noise’ or something just as vague, try and pinpoint the symptoms before bringing your car in.

Work through the following checklist and make notes of what you discover:

  • Unusual odours, warning lights, leaks or smoke

    • Where does it come from?

    • When does it happen?

    • When the engine is running or when it is cold?

    • When accelerating, turning or braking?

    • When going at, below or above a certain speed?

  • Changes in performance

    • Has engine performed decreased?

    • Do you find that you are adding coolant, water or oil more often than usual?

    • Is the fuel economy of your car decreasing?

  • Problems with handling and/or braking

    • Are there vibrations in the steering column or the brake pedal?

    • Are the tyres wearing unevenly?

    • Does the steering pull to the left or the right?

Answering these questions will help your mechanic to determine any areas of concern that should be considered when they undertake your car’s service. As the person that knows your car best, your input is important in the care of your vehicle.

Nicholls Auto Centre offer set prices for regular vehicle servicing and will always seek your approval prior to undertaking additional work.