October 1, 2015

Undertaking brake repairs are not advised unless you’re an experienced and qualified mechanic. Being such an important safety feature of your car, brakes should be repaired by someone with expertise and know-how. A professional workshop will also have all the required tooling and safety equipment to ensure the the job is done right, the first time.

One of the major concerns in DIY brake repairs is that asbestos has been a component of brake pads and linings for many years. Millions of brakes in cars and auto parts on shelves still contain dangerous levels of asbestos. Unfortunately you can’t tell just by looking whether or not your brakes contain asbestos so all repairs should be approached as if they do and the appropriate safety measures taken.

Professional workshops have not only the knowledge and experience, but the safety equipment to complete the necessary repairs without risk to the safe working of the vehicle, their safety and yours.

It’s always best to take the car to a qualified mechanic for repair as soon as you think there may be problem. Sluggish brakes can easily cause an accident when you overestimate the stopping ability of your worn-out brakes compared to your brand new brakes.

It’s certainly advised that when your brakes are worn, you get them checked and replaced by a professional mechanic such as the team at Nicholls Auto Centre who know exactly what they are doing.